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The DSPCA are running classes to train your dog.

January is National Train Your Dog Month and the DSPCA Dog Training Academy have resumed in-person training classes both group and one on one so pet owners can learn how to work with their four-legged family members.

Having a well-behaved dog is not only part of being a responsible pet owner but also can be fun for all the family. Issues such as toilet training, play biting, the addition of new a baby, food aggression, etc. are commonly seen by the Dog Training Team.

The DSPCA and the DSPCA Dog Training Academy believe that prevention is better than cure and that training your dog at a young age or the start of the relationship is vital.  They also believe that every dog deserves a second chance and that dealing with behavioural issues is better dealt with as soon as they are noticed.

The DSPCA offers FREE behaviour advice where a qualified Dog Trainer will talk through your issues and can recommend a customised training programme to suit your individual training requirements. 

They accept all breeds and ages into their classes and truely believe that no dog is too old!

Full support services offered are:

  • Puppy Training Classes
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Reactive Dog Training
  • Workshops – Rocket Recall, Scent Games for Dogs, Tricks, and Well-Behaved Walkies
  • Seminars – Dog meets Baby, Puppyhood and Reactive Dogs
  • Adult Education courses – Dog Training and Canine Behaviour
  • Doggie Day-care
  • Pet Boarding

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