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The DREAM! We’re seriously jealous of how this mum is spending her maternity leave

As mums, we know that maternity leave is NOT a holiday of any sorts: adjusting to a new baby, sleepless nights and ever-changing hormones – you barely have the time to even make a cup of tea.

One mum, however, is determined to make the most of her time away from work and has quite literally packed up her life for a jaunt around the world for a holiday of a lifetime – family in tow.


A rare photo of all four of us!… we have been slowly introducing Quinn into the water the last week or two. I am grateful for the swimming lessons we took with Esmé in Nz when she was little because we are implementing those same techniques to teach Quinn to swim. He seems to like it so far. He’s a little unsure of the mini submersions but he can be distracted quickly and easily…. fact about me, I’ve been quite scared of the water for years. My sister @lifeveganstyle_ nearly drowned twice and so did I when I was visiting friends in Australia years back. I’m on a mission to make these two competent in the water so they are not scared and to be good swimmers.. @travelmaddad is an awesome example to them anyway … does anyone else push there kids a little with something they are not so good at themselves? Having endless access to swimming pools this trip has made Esmé really good .. we are feeling super proud… all the staff here @belizeandreamsresort always tell her how good she is …  hosted

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Karen Edwards welcomed her second child, a boy named Quinn, in the summer, and decided that rather than spend her time off work at home, she was going to enjoy a much-needed extended holiday.

And when her son was just nine weeks old, the 32-year-old and her husband, Shaun Bayes, rented out their home and started their trip in Canada. 

The family has so far visited Calgary and Vancouver, driven down through the west coast of America, and stayed in El Salvador and Belize to name just a few. 

And while it might seem a little daunting for some, this is not the first time Karen and Shaun have travelled with a new baby.

When their daughter Ésme was born three years ago, the couple travelled for 10 months, heading to New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  

And now for the big question: HOW can they afford it? 

Karen is a full-time nurse in London while Shaun, who is from New Zealand, is a self-employed landscaper.

Karen is also entitled to maternity leave for the year (although payment declines after nine months and not all of it is paid).

The couple also rent their house out while they are gone and as they both have very successful blogs (following their first trip) hotels do offer them rooms in exchange for a review. 

We're actually feeling really inspired – what about you? 

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