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'The crazy isn’t going to stop' - Mum who can't stand her daughters fighting seeks hope

Families fight, it's inevitable, no one family has a constant flow of happiness ebbing from within the household. 

As our children grow they learn to share and to look after one another, but this only comes following selfish times. 

Rasha Rushdy's two girls are a perfect example – they are both young and learning, hence the fights which take place between the girls on a regular basis. 

"The fighting drives me crazy sometimes. The constant snatching, the never-ending 'no, MINE!', the seizing of the very toy upon which the other sibling has just laid their eyes, the wanting just because the other one wants it."

"I know it’s part of the package, but sometimes it drives me crazy."

Rasha knows that when they're teenagers, they will still fight, except the screaming will probably be that little bit louder, and the promises of never speaking to each other again will be passed on numerous occasions (trust us, this lasts all of ten minutes). 

But Rasha has decided she is going to do something simple when they are older: "I’m going to remind them of this afternoon."

"This afternoon, when she wanted to get a book from her room, but didn’t want to go in alone because the thunder, which has been a regular visitor lately, scared her."

The mum-of-two was busy in the kitchen, asking her tot to wait until she was finished before helping her go to her room. 

"When I finished, I turned to go accompany her. I still had the kitchen towel in my hands when I overheard her asking her little sister if she could sing her a song so she wouldn’t feel scared."

"I’m going to remind them how the little one happily obliged, proud to be asked for help by the one to whom she always looks up, and the newly-learned melody of 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' emerged from their room."

Because if there is one thing Rasha has learned it is that the crazy isn't going to stop: "The fighting isn’t going to stop. But children, no matter how nuts you drive each other (or me), I hope you keep asking each other for help."

"I hope you keep standing by each other’s side, singing a song, when the thunder of life gets that little bit too loud."

And isn't that the hope we all have for our children? Beautiful words by Rasha. 

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