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The Aziza Christmas book collection is THE perfect gift this Christmas

The Aziza story collection is a fantastic early chapter book set for children aged 6-8 years old and they will make the perfect cosy Christmas stocking filler for your little bookworms. This inclusive magical adventure series is inspired by fairies from world mythology and features beautiful black and white illustrations throughout.

The stories are centred around Aziza, a young girl who lives with her parents and older brother in a city flat and stumbles across a portal to a magical world featuring a cast of fairies and magical creatures inspired by mythology from across the globe.

These books are packed full of excitement, friendship, mischief and a sprinkle of fairy dust. If your little reader likes Isadora Moon, they’re sure to love Aziza!

Are you ready to open the door to a world of magic and adventure this festive season.

Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door (book 1)

A mysterious gift arrives on Aziza's birthday. It is a secret fairy door that will whisk her away to Shimmerton, a magical world with princesses, naughty fairies, shapeshifters, unicorn shopkeepers and mischief around every corner. But when the precious jewelled doorknob is taken, Aziza is trapped. Will she ever see her home and family again? Maybe her new friends, Peri and Tiko, can help.  Buy here.

Aziza's Secret Fairy Door and the Ice Cat Mystery (book 2)

Aziza can't wait for the Holidays when the flat is filled with pretty tinsel and delicious smells. It's warm and cosy in Aziza's bedroom, so when she notices that her Secret Fairy Door is covered in ice and frost, it's a sure sign that she's about to go on a new adventure. Aziza crosses the threshold and finds Shimmerton covered in ice and snow, even though it is supposed to be high summer there. Everything is muddled up – even the Yule Lads have been spotted causing mischief! Ccoa the Ice Cat has gone missing and Aziza, her fairy friends and even the naughty Gigglers, must team up if they are to track him down and put everything right again. Buy here.

Violet, Age 7 thinks Aziza is fantastic, she says: “It is an unpredictable story and the characters were funny, kind and curious except for the Gigglers, who were rather annoying with their mean tricks. Anyone who likes fairies, unicorns and shapeshifting bears will love Shimmerton. My favourite part was when Felly, Kendra and Noon threw slime at Aziza, Tiko and Peri.”

Aziza's Secret Fairy Door and the Birthday present Disaster (book 3)

The third title in the series. Aziza notices that the Secret Fairy Door in her bedroom is covered in a cute ribbon tied in a very messy bow. It's a sure sign that she's about to go on a new adventure.

Aziza opens the door and finds herself in the Palace just in time for Princess Peri's birthday party. Tiko is organising the party and wants everything to be just right for his friend. There are party games, delicious food and lots of friends ready to celebrate. It's very exciting! But Peri needs Aziza's help when some special presents go missing. Buy here.

Aziza's Secret Fairy Door and the Mermaid's Treasure (book 4)

Aziza is excitedly packing her suitcase ready to go on holiday when she finds sand and seashells from the fairy door all over her room! Before long, she is stepping through the door and out onto Shimmerton’s beach, where naughty fairies, the Gigglers, are causing havoc by accidentally awakening an ancient shell-walker who has been asleep for many years under the sand. Everyone scatters as the shell-walker grows bigger and bigger. What can be done? Aziza's new mermaid friend might just know someone who could help. Buy here.

Aziza's Secret Fairy Door and the Magic Puppy (book 5)

Aziza's brother Otis is pestering their parents for a dog. Again. Even though they're not allowed pets in the flat. Aziza is sympathetic, but soon forgets about all this when she enters her room to find the fairy door making a ticking noise – almost like a clock – and spring flowers all around it. Soon, she is stepping through the fairy door – but not before her brother, Otis, runs up to her and enters the fairy door too. Aziza and Otis arrive in time for the Spring fete, and they are about to unveil the town clock, marking the arrival of Spring and growth. But the clock is broken. Otis and the naughty fairies, the Gigglers, haven't noticed and are too busy playing fetch with their new and friendly dog. But it's up to Aziza, Otis, Peri and Tiko to find help and fix the clock before it's too late. Buy here.

Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door series is written by Lola Morayo – a pen name for the creative partnership of writers: Journalist, Tólá Okogwu and Jasmine Richards of Storymix with illustrations by Cory Reid. The books are available online and in all good bookshops. For more information or to buy any of the books, visit:

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