The A to Z of the best baby bargains hitting Lidl stores today!

Today is the day, to pick up some serious bargains in middle aisle as Lidl’s big baby event starts this morning Thursday May 5th!

Lidl Ireland have a huge baby event kicking off in store next week. Starting at just €0.66 (for newborn nappies) pick up all your baby essentials including Nappies, Rompers, Toys and Toiletries at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. You’re guaranteed to bag a serious bargain in the middle aisle as it will be booming with baby essentials. We’ve selected the A to Z of the best baby items that will be available throughout Lidl stores nationwide from Thursday 05th May 2022.

A for Activity

Movement and play are vital to every child’s development. Lidl will have a selection of toys to keep baby entertained. The classic Activity Centre play mat €24.99 is perfect for tummy time or to allow baby to have some time to explore the various hanging objects to stimulate their senses. For toddlers, why not pick up Lidl’s take on a comfy padded Rocking Animal €44.99. This item is sure to entertain your little one for hours. For the more adventurous tots, Lidl’s Play Pen €39.99 has lots to offer, including plenty of space for baby to safely move and play.

B for Bio Oil

A must for Mum is Bio Oil €8.99. This luxury item is a rich essential oil which helps to moisten skin and is a great treatment for scars and stretch marks from pregnancy.

C for Cushion

From 5th May Lidl stores will have a multi-function cushion €17.99 available in mint green or powder pink made with an organic cotton cover. Perfect for when you’re pregnant and resting your bump, place on the floor around baby or a great addition to feeding time to help prop up baby this multi-functional cushion available in baby pink or mint green will serve its purpose.

D for Disposable Bin

Simple, space-saving solution for keeping your baby’s room clean and odour-free. The Tommee Tippee® Simplee Nappy Disposal Bin [€14.99] comes with one pre-loaded cassette and holds up to 18 nappies at one time.

E for Everyday Items

Lidl stores have everything parents need for your baby’s everyday essentials. The extensive range of baby food, nappies, wipes and toiletries include paediatrician approved baby lotion to organic food pouches made with 100% fruit.

F for Floor Mat

Pick up a colourful numbered floor mat €17.99 perfect for tummy time. This floor mat adds a soft layer for your tiny tot to lie on and stretch out. It provides a safe space for baby to chill and experience some important brain stimulation.

Perfect for sending in a healthy nutritious lunch for your school going kids or carrying homemade food for baby whilst out and about the Mummy Cooks Food Flasks [€9.99 300ml, €12.99 450ml] keeps food hot or cold for 6 hours.

G for Guaranteed

Lidl’s Lupliu baby range is guaranteed to set you up with all the necessities to parent to the best of your abilities. With its everyday range Lidl guarantees quality products at affordable prices.

H for Highchair

Feed baby a Lidl feast in one of our practical and somewhat stylish highchairs! The middle aisle will have a selection of highchairs including the wooden Sit Up Stair Highchair €49.99.

I for Infant Car Seat

While stocks last, Lidl stores will have a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat €79.99 on sale in the middle aisle. Suitable for babies from 0-12 months (0-13 kg) featuring Maxi-Cosi‘s Side Protection System technology in the side wings. This car seat is compatible with Quinny, Maxi-Cosi strollers and lots more.

J for Joggers

Baby will be chilling in style with Lidl’s Baby Jogger range which is available for €3.99. Whether funky bear print, vibrant orange or cool blue is your baby’s colour of choice, Lidl will ensure your baby is effortlessly fashionable with Lidl’s cosy baby jogger range that allows them ample space and freedom to explore the world around them, but also allows a comfortable attire to snooze in!

K for Kiddylicious

Kiddylicious Wafers €2.19 are a tasty treat for your tiny tots. They melt in the mouth and are the perfect snack for on the go. Pair the Kiddylicious snack with a refreshing Piccolo Fruit Pouch for just €0.99. These nutritious snacks will provide your baby with all the energy they need to grow and learn as they crawl through their day.

L for Lupilu

Leave it to Lupilu, Lidl’s premium baby range will have you stocked with all the essentials you need to properly care for your baby. What’s even better is that Lidl’s Lupilu range is available in store all year. Lidl will be your one stop shop for all baby toiletries including wipes, nappy bags, paediatrician approved baby lotions

M for Milupa Baby Creamed Porridge

Lidl stores nationwide will stock Milupa Baby Creamed Porridge €1.99 an ideal bedtime snack to help baby dose off to sleep peacefully. Milupa’s creamy porridge is available as an original porridge blend and with a healthy Milupa Bedtime Berry mix €1.99. The creamy consistency of this product helps soothe the baby’s tiny tummy as they drift to sleep after a long day of learning.

N for Nappies

Let’s not forget Lidl’s award-winning Lupilu Nappies that were voted ‘Best Nappy’ by Irish consumers at the National Pregnancy and Baby Fair Awards. Lidl’s Lupilu nappy range is available in sizes 1 (2-5kg) to 6+ (16+kg), and are recommended by 91% of parents with their skin-friendly leak safeguards, magical tubes for a long-lasting feeling of dryness and a flexible fit to keep your little one extra comfy. During Baby week prices start at just €0.66 Lupliu are affordable through your little one’s journey from day one.

O for Organic

Pick up a selection of Lidl’s baby snack items, so you can keep some with you while you’re out and about! That way, you’ll always have a tasty and healthy snack for your little ones while you’re on the move. Top picks include Organix Raspberry & Apple Oaty Bars €2.85 or Apple & Cinnamon Rice Cakes €0.83. Check our instore promotions that will see 33% off for a limited period.

Organix Carrot sticks €0.59 are perfect for when you’re on the go. A nutritious snack that baby will love, these melt in the mouth sticks are the perfect balance for teething tots and are a tasty treat to see your little one through to mealtime.

P for Food Pouches

Lidl stores nationwide will have a variety of food pouches (similar to Ella’s Kitchen but a fraction of the price) instore every day. A really handy way to feed baby at home or when out and about. Lidl’s own brand Lupilu food pouches are available in a variety of fruit flavours including Apple, Peach & Mango and Apple, Pear, Strawberry & Blackcurrant Apple, Blueberry & Raspberry at only €0.69 they are a steal.

Q for Quality

Lidl want to provide premium products to parents at affordable prices. The Lupilu baby range has been tried and tested by real parents to ensure every item promise quality for money.

Smoby Ride on Car €34.99

R for Ride on Car

The middle aisle will be brimming with baby and toddler toys including the Smoby Ride on Car. Suitable for children over 10+months the low seat height allows your little one get on and off with ease. €34.99.

S for Stroller Platform

The Lupilu Kids Hop on Stroller Platform €29.99 is perfect for a parent of two. While baby chills out in the buggy, your toddler can cruise along with spring mounted wheels they are in for a comfortable ride too.

Stroller Platform €29.99

T for Thermometer

During baby week Lidl will stock a Medisana Infrared Thermometer €19.99 an essential for every household. Making measuring body, ambient, liquid and surface temperatures that bit easier.

U for Unicorn

Choose between our neutral Soft Toy selection including a unicorn, a sloth or a sheep making for the ideal gift for a new-born €5.99.

V for Value

Lidl’s Lupilu baby range is competitively priced and offers amazing quality products that have been tried and tested and vouched for by real mums. Everyday items are a fraction of the cost such as Lupilu Rice Cakes €0.79, Lupilu Puff Snacks €0.69 and Lupilu Fruit Pouches €0.69.

W for Wipes

Lidl’s everyday baby range has a selection of branded and own brand baby wipes. Lupilu baby wipes single packs start at €0.95 or come in a 6pack for €4.99. A firm favourite is Lupilu Pure Water 100% Biodegradable Baby Wipes priced at just €0.85.

X for XL Savings

Huge savings can be made in Lidl stores during baby week, that kicks off on Thursday 5th May, in stores throughout Ireland while stocks last. Look out for savings of up to 33% off Lidl’s own brand Lupilu nappies that were voted ‘Best Nappy’ by Irish consumers at the National Pregnancy and Baby Fair Awards, toiletries, baby food and lots more – helping customers make “Extra Large” savings!

Y for Yoghurts

Yoghurts are a great source of vitamins and calcium for children. Lidl stores chiller section has a selection of delicious own brand yoghurts alongside big brands such as Piccolo Organic Pear, Blackberry & Strawberry Yoghurt €0.99.

Z of ZZZ

Regular bedtime is very important for all babies. Experts recommend a good wind down technique. The 4 B’s comes in handy Bath, Bottle, Book and Bed. Lidl’s Big baby event will have all this covered with toiletries for ideal for bath time, a range of Tommee Tippee bottles from €9.99 and a selection of children’s bedtime story books from €4.99 and your little one should be asleep in no time.

Lidl’s Big Baby Sale kicks off today Thursday 5th May in 174 Lidl stores nationwide while stocks last. With everyday items available all year, the Lulpilu baby range is set to become a household favourite. For more information and for the latest instore promotions and deals please visit

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