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Teenager makes stunning dress out of BIN BAGS and we're in awe

When someone calls you trashy you… prove them right? 

Youtuber Amber Scholl is used to being called many things, trashy being among them. So she decided to prove the haters right- by literally making a dress out of bin bags.

And we have to admit, it is stunning. 

In her YouTube tutorial, Amber takes her followers through a step by step making of the dress. 

The materials, you can literally find under the sink. A body suit, bin bags, duck tape and a lot of glue. 

Firstly she turned bits of bin bag into "trash roses", which she then glued on to the body suit. 

Too pretty to believe that they usually end up in the bin! 

Then she added the roses to an old skirt that she found in the back of her wardrobe. 

And the result is less trash and more high class! 

"This is the best DIY I've ever done," she says. 

It's getting rave reviews, and we're inclined to agree. 

Fancy trying it yourself? Check out the Youtube tutorial here! 



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