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19-year-old with Down syndrome has a very important message for us all (as he hits a personal record)

When a 17-year-old boy approached Nathan Lawrence one day, he had no idea the teenager would become his best buddy.

Nathan was in the gym when 17-year-old Andrew explained he needed his help to become a powerlifter.

Nathan, who was naturally intrigued, instantly asked the youngster why he wanted to become a powerlifter.

Andrew responded: “[I] want to compete in the Special Olympics for the Powerlifting event.”

Bearing in mind Andrew has already competed in the Special Olympics in Skiing and Track, which he performed reasonably well in, it was a given this guy was a hard worker.

Nathan took on the challenge when he came to the realisation it would be a good experience for both him and Andrew.

One year on, Nathan reveals: “After a year of consistency and dedication it's been nothing less.”

Incredibly proud of Andrew and his achievements, Nathan took to Facebook to share his student’s personal best:

“For the first time since he started, we deadlifted off the floor and Andrew hit a new PERSONAL RECORD! 185lbs!”

“Starting at a 90lbs deadlift he has made great progress and is very excited to keep improving!” added the trainer.

The now 18-year-old student's achievements have already inspired so many, and Nathan hopes it will help people to believe in themselves.

“Chase your dreams people. Be whoever or whatever you want to be.”

Do you know anyone who has gone out of their way to help someone achieve their goal? Share your story with us.

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