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Teen HILARIOUSLY recreates her kindergarten photo for her last year in school

Tyra Huntt started her final year in secondary school this week.

On her first day back after summer break, Tyra needed to get a photo taken for her student card. 

Rather than opting for the classic smile, this high school senior decided to get creative with her photo opportunity. 

Tyra PERFECTLY recreated her first day of Kindergarten picture, and the result is amazing. 

Donning the same green hoodie and weary-eyed expression, it's safe to say that Tyra has already nailed her final year of schooling. 

The teen shared the image on her Twitter, where it has received 108,000 likes and over 37,000 retweets. 

People have taken to social media to applaud Tyra on her amazing sense of humour, calling her "a real life comedian" and "an absolute hero". 

We salute you Tyra, good luck with your senior year! 

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