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Teacher puts a barcode on his student’s math homework for a GENIUS reason

A parent on Imgur has uploaded a photo of their son’s math homework, and we’re completely blown away.

The student was studying fractions and decimals when nameihate posted the snap; however, do you notice anything about his homework?

There’s a barcode sitting in the top right-hand corner of the page.


Because his teacher has set up a system, where the children can avail of help even when they’re not in school.

The barcode can be used with a mobile phone; all the student has to do is hover over the barcode and when it scans, it redirects them to a tutorial on how to do the sum.

Between ourselves and Imgur users, we’re all in a world of wonder.

This really is an example of a great teacher, we wonder will the idea catch on…

Is this something you’d like to see introduced in your child’s school?

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