#DADGOALS: father delivers his son in the front garden

This week, expectant mother Candace Marie began experiencing cramps which she thought to be Braxton Hicks. 

A few hours later, her water broke, and she and her partner prepared themselves for the hospital.

As the couple walked to their car, Candace felt her son's head crowning.

Rather then totally panicking, Candace's partner, Tony, delivered the baby in their front garden. 

Baby Gannicus Ezra was born perfectly healthy on his parent's lawn.

Thankfully, paramedics arrived shortly after the birth to cut the umbilical cord and ensure the safety of mum and baby. 

The proud new mum shared her experience on Facebook, where she thanked God for Tony, and her new perfect baby.

Hundreds of people have commented on the post, sending their love and wishes to the happy couple. 

That will make a brilliant story for Gannicus's 21st birthday.

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