Survey by finds 59% of parents spending less on gifts for other this Christmas 

In a survey which attracted over 516 responses by leading Irish Baby Brand BabyBoo, it has been revealed that more than half of respondents plan to spend less on general gifts for others this Christmas. However they aren’t sacrificing Christmas memories, with fewer parents willing to cut back on spending on Christmas clothing, Santa gifts, panto tickets and events.

61% of those who took part in the survey have started their Christmas shopping, with 65% revealing that they are spending last than last year. This comes as 25% of respondents reveal that this is their first Christmas budgeting as spending curbs are needed to combat the soaring cost of living.

The average spend for a child 0-2 was e50-100 (32%) and e100-200 (32%). Only 13% will spend over e200.

For the 2-6 years age group, 38% will be spending e100-200 and in the 6-10 years category 35% will be spending e200-300 with a further 21% spending e300+

When kids get to the 10+ years stage, spending increases rapidly with 33% spending 250-400 per child, and a further 20% spending over e400.

Although spending on gifting for others is likely to be cut in many Irish families this year, spending on festive clothing, special trips to see Santa or a Pantomine and Christmas Traditions is still a top priority with parents still choosing to treasure experiences and memories. This rings true at BabyBoo as their personalised Family Cuddle Christmas blanket remains one of their best sellers with 2023 proving no exception.

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Respondents shared some pieces of advice and traditions that they enjoy that they would recommend to first-time parents. For example:

  • “If family ask what the kids would like ask for things you know you’ll need soon- clothes, shoes etc’
  • ‘Something practical and something sentimental.’
  • ‘Focus on making memories. Smallies are more interested in the box than the toy!’
  • ‘Don’t compare to other people. Stay off social media if needed, to avoid Christmas day guilt.’
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And it was revealed that families love to keep Christmas traditions going strong, some of which they loved as children themselves and are popular in many Irish homes. New traditions like Christmas Eve boxes also featured heavily. Some popular responses were:

  • ‘All in Christmas pyjamas for 6pm to watch Santa leave North Pole on 6pm news.’
  • ‘Christmas Eve box, takeaway and movie night.’
  • ‘Going out for Christmas Eve lunch with the Grandparents.’
  • ‘Baking cookies with the kids to leave out for Santa.’
  • ‘If baby gets too many gifts I put them away and take them out another time.’

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