'Summer toddler tip': THIS is the easiest way to stop temper tantrums in their tracks

We’ve all experienced those days when the kids just don’t want to behave. They’ll have a tantrum over anything and everything, leaving mums feeling a bit frazzled and quite exhausted.

Nothing raises our stress levels quite like a toddler tantrum. There are days when it feels like our little ones will never stop acting out, but thankfully Drew Barrymore is here to save the day.

The actress is a mum to two daughters Olive and Frankie, so it’s safe to say she’s an expert in dealing with moody tots.

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She took to Instagram to share some words of wisdom with fellow mums. We can all wave goodbye to the screeching, crying and foot-stomping because the days of toddler tantrums are behind us thanks to… bubbles.

The actress shared the tip from the @seedlingsgroup Instagram page which read: “Summer toddler tip: “keep bubbles on hand. You cannot tantrum if you are breathing and you cannot blow bubbles without breathing.”

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“You can’t tantrum while smiling while smiling and you can’t catch bubbles without lots of smiles. Quick distraction to get back to calm.”

Drew added: “These are things I really needed as a new parent and I still marvel at them. I have worked with seedlings since my kids were born and still seek their advice regularly. They also make me feel not alone as a parent as well with relatable humour.”

If anyone needs us we’ll be out stocking up on bubbles. We’ll always make sure to carry them in our bags from now on.

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