Lunch ideas: Handmade fresh gnocchi is our go-to right now

Gnocchi is the perfect lunchtime meal! And making it fresh ourselves just makes it even tastier! Drizzle with a little pesto or butter and basil and you have an easy crowdpleaser ready to go!

Transport yourself to the Italian countryside for lunchtime with this handy and delicious little dish!

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You'll need…

1kg potatoes

300g flour

½tsp salt

Boil potatoes over medium heat until soft and cooked through.

Drain them and allow them to cool for a few minutes before peeling them.

Next, mash them together to break them down.

Sift 300g of flour into a large bowl and dust a little on the countertop. Place mashed potato onto the floured counter and sprinkle the salt over them.

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Then pour the flour over the mashed potato and knead them together to mix them. The combination should form a thick dough.

Roll with your hand to create a thick, long line of dough. The thickness of the line should be the desired thickness of your gnocchi segments.

Slice the line horizontally into pieces, about an inch thick each.

Using a fork, roll the pieces of dough along the prongs of the fork to create ridges in the gnocchi.

Dust with a light coating of flour.

Cook them in boiling water until they float and then serve up with a sauce of your choice. Basil pesto, a spicy tomato sauce or a sage and butter combo are all fab with gnocchi!

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