Stuck for a name? Check out these unique unisex baby names

Choosing a name for your little one is not an easy task- it’s going to be with them for life after all! We love a wide variety of names from a traditional one passed down through families to more trendy ones that have a personal meaning, but, our favourite names are really unique ones! 

A moniker that nobody has heard of before is something to be proud of and you’ll get to explain its meaning or the cute story behind it to whoever will listen. Coming up with these unique names is difficult to do these days as more ‘out there’ names are getting popular all the time. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the most gorgeous unique and unisex baby names we could think of, and shared their meanings, to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your little one’s life- no pressure!


Aspen- Quaking tree, of Old English origin

Pax- Peace, of Old Latin origin

Echo- Reflected sound, of Greek origin

Vahn- God is gracious, of English origin

Emmerson- Brave & powerful, of English origin

Hao- Good or perfect, of Vietnamese origin

Gavi- God is my strength, of Hebrew origin

Nour- Light, of Arabic origin

Hayden- Of the hay fields, of English origin

Makoto- Sincere or honest, of Japanese origin

Onyx- Black gemstone, of English origin

Shiloh- Peace, of Ancient Israel origin

Otzar- Treasure, of Hebrew origin

Zion- Israel or highest point, of Hebrew origin 

Vesper- Evening star, of Latin origin

Amari- Strength & immortal, of African, Arabic & English origin

Bay- Sea inlet, of English origin

Garnet- Red gemstone, of Old English origin

Valo- Light, of Finnish origin

Dagon- Little fish, of Biblical origin

Tait- Happy, of Old Norse origin

Easton- From the East Town, of English origin

Waneta, Shape shifter, of Native American origin

Eilian- Light, of Spanish origin

Mani- Equal, of Aboriginal origin

Terrin- Of the earth, of English origin

Zia- Glow of the sunrise, of Chinese origin

Nuru- Light, of African origin

Fenix- Dark red, of Greek origin

Fernley- Of a fern meadow, or Old English origin

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