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Story of how woman's friends helped with her depression is heart-warming

Sometimes all you need is a little help from your friends. But when you're struggling with mental illness it can seem impossible to face the world outside your bed, never mind ask a friend for help. 

But there is hope, as writer Sheila O'Malley found out during her darkest days. 

Taking to Twitter to share her story, O'Malley recalls the period after the death fo her father, when she was plunges into the depths of depression. Moving to a new department, she found herself unable to unpack her boxes. 

 Her good friend David sensed that she was struggling and reached out to help. 

So on a Thursday evening, 10 of her closest friends barged into her apartment. 

Not only did they get to work unpacking her apartment, but there was no judgement for her "inability to do the simplest things". 

While she was overwhelmed and embarrassed at first, the sight of her friends turning her apartment into "Santa's workshop" made her feel loved. 

While the advice of asking for help might seem simple it's far far harded than you might think. Sometimes its not possible at all, and that's were kind friends come in. 

Be that friend. Don't ask for an invitation, it could save a loved one's life, or it could even save your own one day. 

If you've been affected by anything in this article, see here for support and information. 

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