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Step-dad commemorates daughter's tantrum in Christmas ornament and the Internet is torn

We're very familiar with tantrums, unless your child is an angel you'll definitely go through the wars before they grow out of them. 

One step-dad recently decided to share a snap of a particular ornament they use. A Christmas bauble showing his six year old step-daughter mid meltdown. 

My step-daughter had a melt down while taking Christmas pictures a few years ago so I made this ornament that we now hang on the tree every year. from funny

He clearly expected to get a few laughs on the funny Reddit, but reactions were mixed to say the least. 

Some commenters questioned whether or not it was funny, with others going so far as to accuse the original post of mental abuse: 



The some of the comments are the epitome of sarcasm: 


However, others were quick to hit back and point out that it's all a bit of fun: 


The step-father quickly defended the picture.

"It's all in good fun," he explains. "The picture was taken during Christmas pictures a few years ago when she was six. She had a very normal tantrum for someone that age while the pictures were taken. They were actually very adorable pictures considering her little 'meltdown.'"

He tries to explain that the ornament is found funny in their house:

"No one was being mean to her during or after the picture. She thought they were funny as well after the fact," he wrote. 

What do you think of displaying pictures of your kids at their absolute worst? Cruel or comedy? 


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