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Hours of entertainment: Kids will love this virtual Field Trip

Our children missed out on so much due to COVID-19. Communions, graduations, even exams were postponed due to the current pandemic, but we have all managed to find special ways to make things that little bit better. One major thing the kids missed this school year was the annual field trip. They may not be able to go to the usual spots but thanks to Google Lens they can now discover more of their garden and help children discover a love for their garden.

Bring the school field trip to your home this summer with the help of Google Lens.

Whether it’s using Google Lens to identify a flower or insect, brushing up on gardening skills with Google Assistant, following outdoor DIY tutorials or even mastering the art of photography, there’s hours of fun (for adults and children) to be had on your doorstep. To get started, please find a selection of tips and tricks below using features on Google Pixel 4. 

Name that flower! 

Google Lens: Now your little ones can become the ultimate flower expert by using Google Lens to identify what’s growing in the garden. Challenge them to find as many different species of flowers as they can and once done, move onto plants and insects. You can also encourage them to ask Google Assistant for handy facts as they go along.  

  1. Open the camera on your phone, hit more and then press Google Lens Google Lens

  2. Point your camera at the flower to identify the plant 

  3. Swipe up to learn about the discovery 

You can also use the folder of stock images to create your own eye spy checklist, or if feeling creative make your own. 

Channel their inner artist 

Portrait Mode: Help creativity blossom by showing kids how to take beautiful snaps of the garden. Colourful flowers are perfect to photograph and now Portrait Mode on Pixel 4 makes it easier than ever to take a crystal clear shot. Photograph insects, trees or even clouds and different textures such as bark and grass. What’s more, why not try drawing or painting the photographs when returning inside.

  1. Open up your camera and tap the menu icon

  2. Select Portrait mode and tap on the screen to focus on the flower 

  3. Older kids can play around with the brightness and shadows slider to make the subject pop 

Learn more about the world around you 

Google Assistant: Kids can learn more about the world around them with help from Google Assistant. Simply say “Ok Google” followed by your question.  For example, say: 

  1. Ok Google, tell me about bumble bees?

  2. Hey Google, what is a ladybird?

  3. Ok Google, what are the best flowers to plant this season?

  4. Hey Google, what are the best plants for growing at home?

Bring the magic of the garden inside

Google Assistant: There’s also fun to be had if it’s rainy outside. Google Assistant can recreate the sounds of animals, birds and insects such as the sound of bumble bees or even a woodpecker. So, when telling a story about the garden or teaching your children about creepy crawlies and birds Google Assistant can help bring the lesson to life. For example, try saying:

  1. Ok Google, what sound does a pigeon make? 

  2. Ok Google, make the sound of a robin?

  3. Hey Google, what sound does a dove make?

  4. Ok Google, what sound does a bee make? 

  5. Ok Google, what sound does a fox make?

  6. Hey Google, what sound does a butterfly make?

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