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SO wrong and unfair! Genius alarm clock highlights gender pay gap PERFECTLY

Okay, this has to be one of the BEST ways we’ve seen the wage gap between men and women represented.

Depressingly, women are paid on average 79% less than their male colleagues. And so, as part of MTV’s Look Different campaign in partnership with PARTY NY, the 79% work clock was created to drive the message home that the wage gap is NOT okay.

Brilliantly, the clock sounds an alarm 79% through a normal full-time working day, so women can see how much of the working day they aren’t getting paid for.

Genius right?

“Measuring the wage gap on a daily basis was our way of making this issue more present in peoples' minds The 79% Work Clock makes it harder to ignore,” Jaimie Carreiro, the creative and tech director of PARTY NY, explained.

“The wage gap creates a distorted reality where women aren't paid equally. To reflect that distorted reality, we created this new kind of clock. It's not a joke or tongue-in-cheek, it's the reality that women are facing,” Carreiro said. 

We know the pay gap exists, but seeing it in these terms makes it all the more shocking – and of course wildly unfair. 

Shocked by this? Why not SHARE with family and friends, and make the stand that we won't accept this any longer!

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