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'So sweet': Garbage men go above and beyond for Dad’s simple request

It might sound strange to some, but there is a little girl and she absolutely adores her local garbage men.

Every time they arrive at her house, she waves to them excitedly from her window until they leave. 

So her Dad, Wayne, decided to post to Reddit and show everyone what they did when they found out about their number one fan.

Wayne had asked the garbage men if they could brighten his daughter's day by waving to her during their rounds. 

A week later, she was waving as usual when a Greyhound Recycling employee started to come towards her with a bag in his hand.

Wayne caught the whole exchange on camera and shared the video on Reddit.

He wrote, “the bin men found out their biggest fan watches them ever week and decided to give her a present – sorry for all the ‘oh my goodness’s’ I was just so happy for her.”

The post has gotten over 2k comments, with people writing, ''that is so sweet of him. They're like celebrities to your daughter'' and another said, ''adorable! I bet it made the guys week as well. They don’t get as much praise or fans of their hard work as they should.''

The little girl got a colouring book and a company hat and she was delighted with herself. 

Wayne explained the whole story, writing, “I went to the bin men the week before and told them my daughter loves watching them and [I asked if they would be] so kind to just give her a wave next time. We only expected a wave, which is why my daughter shouted ‘he has a present’ and my wife [brought] her to the door.”

“The shock and enjoyment experienced by us all is genuine – faith in humanity restored,” he added.

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