So CUTE! First baby from 'One Born Every Minute' watches his own birth

Kids can be full of questions about where they come from and how babies are made (a stork brought them, obviously…)   

But for little Finley, he gets to see his own birth in action. His parents, Tracey and Steve, had been the first couple featured on the Channel 4 programme One Born Every Minute.

Sitting down with his mother in a follow up programme, the curious 7-year-old is full of questions about how he entered the world. 

Finley giggles when he sees him mum shout at his Dad to "go away." 

"If you just have a wee it'll come out" the boy suggests. 

"No, I wish!" Tracey laughs. 

"Do you know how sad this is?" she continues. "I've actually still got that nightie. It's in the bottom of my drawers!" 

"It's special, isn't it?" Finley asks. 

"it is because you were born in it." 

The inquisitive cutie asks his mum if having a baby hurts. It does, son, it really does. 

"That's why mummy made all those funny noises" 

"Like 'eeeeeee'" he replies. 

Our little hearts cannot handle this cuteness.

When he finally see's himself he's surprised- by the fact that he was born naked. What a sweetie. 

He's laid on his mothers chest and begins to cry. 

"Nothing like that first cry, is there?" she reminisces. 

Many mums agree with her. Commenters gushed over Finley's reaction to the video. 

He's just the most adorable little thing we've seen in a while- and hopefully he'll appreciate his mum a lot more now! 

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