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'So compassionate and sweet': Mum leaves concert in tears, so a group of women step in and do this wonderful thing

Heather Hobbs had been really looking forward to taking her twins – Rhett and Riley – to a Pentatonix convert.

They travelled from their home in Kansas City to the concert venue, The Walmart AMP (Arkansas Music Pavilion).

However, on arrival, their dream was quickly crushed. 

According to Wowt News, Heather said, "the whole point of the trip, the twins were so excited, we listened to Pentatonix for two hours in the car on the way down so we were ready.'' 

She had purchased the tickets on StubHub, but when their tickets were scanned, they were told that they were for an event in Dallas, Texas, on a completely different day.

While the amphitheatre offered to sell them more tickets, they were just too expensive for them. 

They all began to cry as they walked away, when suddenly a woman stopped them to see what was wrong. 

Heather explained that they had bought faulty tickets, so the woman went ahead to do the most selfless thing.

She, along with her friend, handed over their tickets to Heather and explained that the concert didn't mean that much to them.

Heather uploaded a Facebook post, with a photo of her twins at the concert, telling her story and tanking the kind strangers.

She wrote, ''I wish I would have asked their name or address to be able to repay them some way. As we sit here in the lawn at the concert, all the twins can think about are those people. There is STILL kindness in the world and I hope they know they made the night of a little boy and girl who were utterly heartbroken."

The post has since racked up 4k likes, over 400 comments and 3.4k shares!

Comments included, ''beautiful commentary on human kindness! '' followed by a love hear emoji, as well as ''karma for you and the kiddos. They are so lucky to have a momma who's raised them right!''

One other person wrote, ''that is so kind and compassionate and sweet!''

We hope those generous women get a nice surprise of their own now, they definitely deserve it! 

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