Sisters claim their 'twin powers' made them go into labour on the same day

Identical twins, Rachael and Rebecca McGeoch, have a lot in common that's not just their DNA. 

The sisters found out they were expecting around the same time, the excitement palpable for the ladies who are exceptionally close. 

However, when Rachael's due date came around, there was no stir and her little bub was slowly making his way into the world.

The mum-to-be was induced, but after two and a half days, there was still nothing happening.

Rachael reasoned, that she needed her sister by her side, Rebecca feeling the same way. 

"Bec came up to Boston to hold my hand, and I finally went into active labour," revealed Rachael. 

However, the most incredible thing happened while her twin sister was supporting her – Rebecca also went into labour. 

"So for two hours Bill was juggling both of us until she was triaged and admitted to the room next to me, where [her partner] Todd and my mum were able to join her."

Being admitted to the room next door, Rebecca and crew were banging on the walls to join in the excitement when they heard Rachael's son William make his grand entrance into the world. 

Nonetheless, while Rebecca had entered labour, she still had not dialated enough to give birth, labouring through the night and the following morning until the sisters' twin powers came to the fore once again. 

"The baby was in the wrong position and she was stalled. We knew she needed some inspiration," revealed Rachael. 

"The nurses/midwives helped me sneak in with baby William, so she could meet and hold him. We sat with her and shortly after she was fully dilated, pushing Andi out in 24 minutes!"

The proud new mums gave birth to their littles ones just 20 hours apart, crediting their twin connection for helping them through the labour and birthing process. 

Rachael claims: "There are so many awesome things about being a twin but this might take the cake!"

We have a feeling these cousins are going to be just as close as their mums. 

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