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Single mum dresses as dad for school event, and nails it

Mum of two Michelle Srenco from Oklahoma, made a statement at a father orientated event at her children's primary school. 

A domestic abuse survivor, Srenco left her husband in 2013 along with her two children, Ciarah, 7, and Jordan, 9. 

Srenco told Love What Matters, that she dressed up for a "Doughnuts with Dad" event at her children's primary school. She dressed up not only to support her children, and to show that single parents can be both parents despite gender: 

 "When your kids don't have a dad in their life, you dress up like one… I just want parents to know you can be both parents regardless of what gender you are. Your kids don't care; they just want to feel like everyone else and not feel out of place." 

She continued to say that a good relationship with her own father helped her build her confidence as a single mother: 

"He has instilled a lot in me and I have always said he was the best mother I ever had. My dad taught me how to be a man and a woman. I can build and fix just about anything. I am very independent and I try to pass that on to my kids." 

The other fathers and staff at the event were "very supportive" of Srenco's decision to dress up giving her "high fives and pats on the back."

Srenco says that she hopes that her dad-dressing will  "encourage other parents to always be there for their child." Speaking to The Huffington Post, she shared that it was an extremely positive experience:  “Don’t let people judge you for it. I was scared and worried what people would say, but everything went amazing.”

The reaction online was on par with those at the event, with parents praising her bravery and sharing their stories of single parenting: 

A truly strong and fantastic mother! 

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