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Shop owner leaves heartwarming note to homeless man offering free food

One chip shop owner when above and beyond when he found out that a homeless man had been searching his bins for food.

Shad Saleem realised what was going on when he looked through his CCTV and saw a figure outside his shop.

The man could be seen rummaging through Shad's bins in search for something to eat. 

Shad, who runs Gino’s Fish Inn, began to worry about this man and how he had been forced to look through rubbish for his dinner. 

Shad decided that the best way to help his man would be by leaving him a note on his shop door that invited anyone who had been forced to root through the bins to come in for something to eat.

The note read, ''dear human being, if you are the person going through our bins for your next meal then how about you pop in and I’ll give you a bottle of water and a little snack for free, you are worth more than a meal from a bin.'' 

It continued, ''we may also be able to direct you to facilities in the town that may help you.''

A friend of Shad’s, Dang Vuong, saw the note and praised him for the kind gesture.

Dang said, ''Shad said he’d seen someone on the security camera, and he thought if the person walks past again hopefully he can help him.''

He continued, ''‘seeing something like that proves how much poverty is still happening, it’s quite shocking. I think people forget how much poverty there is, now more so than ever. Shad’s always been like that, so it doesn't surprise me that he’d want to help.'' 

Faith in humanity is definitely restored – well done Shad for your thoughtful actions that helped someone in need. 

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