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'She wasn’t perfect, no one is, but for me she was the best mum ever'

In a straight talking online post, Emily Rossum has described how she felt growing up in a single-parent household.

Her description is one which many can relate to, as in today’s world one in four children are being raised without the presence of a father.

“I had a single mum. I have a single mum. This isn't a secret. Growing up in a school – and a world – filled with mostly two parent units was difficult for me.”


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But Emily’s main focus reflects that no matter how difficult or awkward it can be sometimes, (those pesky father-daughter traditions), it is enough.

She states: “She was always enough. She is enough.”

In the post, Emily celebrates mothers in way that makes us really reflect the sacrifices mums make for their children. 


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She also reinforces her great love for her mum, treating her to lunch on father’s day, as well as purchasing a gift, saying:

“She really was both a mother and a father for me. I don't like her to know that it still causes me pain – 30 years later – lest she feel somehow that she wasn't enough.”

“She wasn’t perfect, no one is, but for me she was the best mum ever,” added the actress.

We believe all single mums need to remember, that you too, are enough, never forget that mums!

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