Big Kids

Seven-year-old receives a scarred doll... but it's her everything

Seven-year-old Sophie has received a special gift that resembles her in more ways than you could imagine. 

Unwrapping a doll from a giftbox, the doll has very specific burn scars on her legs, but Sophie adores her precious new doll anyhow. 

Because her new gift has been made to look just like her. 

When Sophie was just six-years-old, the youngster accidently spilled boiling water all over her body. 

Doctor's weren't sure if Sophie would survive the trauma, but one year on and the little princess has learned to walk again, and is back safely with friends and family. 

The gift of this very special doll is a reminder to Sophie to always stay strong, as her doll has 'mermaid scales' just like hers with the seven-year-old exclaiming: 

"She looks like me."

The doll has become a source of comfort for the young girl, and we sincerely hope she will always remember the little hero that she is. 

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