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Sesame Street is helping kids to deal with trauma through a wonderful initiative

In light of recent events which have been taking place across the Americas and beyond, Sesame Street, have launched an amazing initiative for kids. 

After a shooting in Las Vegas and hurricanes which have destroyed families and homes, the TV series has taken a step toward reassuring children. 

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organisation of the long-running children's program 'Sesame Street', launched the new initiative, which will aim to help kids cope with stress and trauma.

The clips were developed with the aid of child psychologists, and will be a much loved segment for worried parents which can be found online.

The initiative includes materials for parents, caregivers and social workers, as well as clips demonstrating simple exercises to help children feel safe and cope with the traumatic and stressful experiences.

Two episodes which can be found online include Rosita and Rosa, who are packing an emergency bag. 

Rosita stresses the hope that the family will never have to use the bag, but Mum reassures that regardless if they do or not, at least they're prepared. 

While in another episode, Big Bird reveals his worries to Alan, who helps him overcome his fears by showing him how he can find his 'safe place'. 

According to Sesame Street in Communities, parents should view the content first: "Some of the content and topics presented are more sensitive, so you should preview these videos before sharing with a child."

"Whether you’re preparing for the unexpected or recovering from it, your reassurance and comfort hold great power to soothe children even on the scariest, toughest days."

We believe the powerful episodes are a welcome addition to the show – what do you think? Will you be showing these to your kids?

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