September name inspo: 18 baby boy names inspired by our favourite month

When it comes to naming your baby boy, many mums will look to their everyday life for a little bit of inspiration. But why not look to your surrounding environment and month instead? 

For many of us, September represents a new start, fresh beginnings and the start of a new adventure – and is the perfect choice when it comes to looking for a name for your little baby. 

From literal translations to symbols and feelings inspired by the month, we have 25 gorgeous names for anyone expecting in September. 

1. Adam – meaning son of the red earth

2. Aster – after the Aster flower which blooms in autumn

3. Aspen – meaning quaking tree

4. Bear – name of an animal

5. Blaze – to pay tribute to the gorgeous orange and red colours of autumn

6. Forrest – meaning woodsman or woods

7. Glenn – meaning valley

8. Hunter – meaning one who hunts

9. Kyle – meaning a narrow channel

10. Medi – September in Welsh

11. Morgan – meaning circling trees

12. September – an obvious and literal way to celebrate your son's birth month

13. Oak – meaning name of a tree

14. Phoenix – meaning re-born

15. Radley – meaning red meadow

16. Rory – meaning red king

17. Rusty – to honour the gorgeous crisp, brown leaves

18. River – to pay homage to the outdoors and the magical way it changes during autumn

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