Seeing double? Twins who give birth 15 minutes apart recreate maternity pictures

Twins have a connection that nobody else can really understand.

It's easy to expect them to do everything together, and while this isn't always the case, it certainly is when it comes to Corey Struve Talbott and Katie Struve Morgan. 

When the sisters realised they were expecting only 10 days apart, they decided to have a photoshoot to commemorate their journey. 

Despite the gap in their due dates, Corey and Katie ended up giving birth just 15 minutes apart. A year later, the sisters returned to So Cute Photography, to recreate the maternity shoot with their two daughters, Indie Mae and Ryatt Rae.

Talking to Popsugar Moms, photographer Brenden Boggs said: "I photographed Corey and Katie's maternity photos last year. I thought it was so sweet that two sisters got to experience such a special time together." 

Recreating the maternity shoot was a great experience for all of them, Brenden added, "It was so much fun to see how much life can change in a year."

"Now Corey and Katie have two beautiful baby girls full of personality, and they all can't wait to see what adventures the next year of toddlerhood brings!"

It is now a running joke that the two babies are "twin-cousins" due to their surprising yet adorable arrival. The pair even have their own Instagram account, and it's twice as cute.

We doubt that this will be the last we see of these four! 

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