Science says having this number of children makes you happy

A study from Australia has found that there’s a magic number when it comes to having children.

The Edith Cowan University researched this very issue and their findings might just blow your mind. 

They studied hundreds of parents over a five-year period to find what makes the happiest parents. 

And the answer….four children. 

The lead author says that a large family can contribute to the contentment levels of both mums and dads. 


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The idea behind it is that they feel more supported socially, self-esteem is boosted and the children gain independence from a very young age because they always have a sibling 'buddy'.

Professor Harman told an Australian publication that "larger families are more chaotic and expensive, this is balanced out by the joy in their lives".

Four may be the magic number for some families but we can all agree that having happy and healthy kids is what matters the most, whether you have one or ten of them in your brood.

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