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Say what? You can now go to school to become a MERMAID

No, we are not kidding, you can take special classes to become a mermaid… and we want to try it!


The kicker is that you will have to travel quite a distance for the experience…


A very special school has opened in The Philippines, and it will allow you to embrace your inner mermaid- in a very real way. 


The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA) was launched in Boracay in November 2012, and has been expanding ever since, with the most recent school having opened in May 2015. 


Blurring the line between fantasy and reality, the PMSA offers "mermaiding" classes, which they describe as "an artistic expression and a fun whimsical way to keep fit!".


Classes are either held in a pool or beach depending on the location of your class, and are typically 90 minutes long for an introductory level lesson.


The 90 minute lesson for beginners includes a mermaid tail fitting, a photo shoot, a mermaid swim lesson and a little briefing on mermaid culture. 


Oh and you get a certificate at the end… which is a great way to update your LinkedIn profile.

Well, we're off to The Philippines!

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