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Say what now?! This new exercise trend has got us scratching our heads

Ah the Swedes, they've given us Ikea, and now they're back with something equally as life changing. 

Fancy doing something good for the environment but still need to squeeze in and exercise session? The we have the fitness trend for you! 

Introducing plogging; the combination of jogging and taking out the bins. 


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Environmentally friendly and staying in shape? We're intrigued.  

"Plogging" combining the words "plucking" and jogging", involves going for a jog, with a plastic bag or container. 

The twist is that you stop every time you see garbage. Squatting to pick it up also counts towards burning extra calories. 


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The first mention of the exercise on social media was in 2016, but the trend has only become popular more recently.

Not much of a runner? Plog on your bike, pushing a buggy, with your dog or in a group. 


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 Plogging is ultimately about getting any form of exercise that keeps you healthy and happy while also doing something great for the environment.

Even get a group together and make a fun race out of it!


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The satisfaction of a good exercise session and knowing that you're going good? Double karma points! 

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