Big Kids

Ryan weighed just 8lbs when he was adopted two years ago - but wait until you see him now

Priscilla Morse is mum to two biological sons, and her adopted children, McKenzie and Ryan.

The Tennessee mum-of-four adopted both of her little miracles from orphanages, where the disability stricken tots were residing.

McKenzie, who is now six, has Down Syndrome and suffers with a heart condition, was adopted in 2012 from an orphanage in Russia.

While little Ryan, a severely malnourished seven-year-old, was adopted by the family just last year.

Priscilla and her husband David had thought their family was complete when McKenzie came along.

However, after scrolling through her Facebook feed one day and coming across a snap of a boy in an adoption organisation, the mum knew she had room in her heart for the youngster. 

Priscilla had found Ryan, a six-year-old boy, in 2015. Nonetheless, the family did not meet their newest member until he had turned seven.

But they never expected what they found; a seven-year-old boy who weighed just eight pounds.

When the family met Ryan for the first time he was severely malnourished and suffered from a series of medical complications including cerebral palsy, club feet, scoliosis and microcephaly, a birth defect that affects brain growth and head size.

But in just one year, Ryan is almost unrecognisable.

With his family’s love and care, and the help of a feeding tube, the seven-year-old has gained weight, already looking like a healthy young boy, while the process of correcting his club feet has also begun.

Just look at the progress the little guy has made. This is one truly amazing family.

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