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'Remembering Connie' video will inspire you to record ordinary, everyday family moments

Connie Kwon Kin sadly passed away a few days after the birth of her second child. The mum-of-two was a Vlogger on the What's Up Moms YouTube channel, and people loved the fun and vivacious way she approached life.

The mum-of-two died in 2013 following complications during childbirth, and her friend, Elle Walker, created a truly touching video that not only pays tribute to the young mum but is sure to become something her children – Nathan and Ella – will cherish forever. 

While we never knew Connie personally, nor did we watch her YouTube clips back in the day, this beautiful video has really touched a chord with us – because it captures so many of her everyday moments; moments most of us refuse to have recorded on camera.  

Over the years, there have been plenty of social media posts encouraging dads to 'take the photo', to capture mums' everyday moments – no matter how much we may protest.

And boy do I protest.

I refuse to be in a photo if my hair doesn't look right or if I don't have make-up on or if I'm not wearing 'something nice'.

The usual nonsense that means I'm only in 10 percent of our family photos. 

Instead, I'm the one who takes the photos.

Those stunning daddy daughter moments. Those raw, normal life photos between my daughter and her dad,  I take them – and I cherish them. 

But me? Well, I ask for the photo to be taken again or for the camera to simply be put away. 

There are no random snaps of me; don't even get me started on video footage. 

But Connie's tribute video has certainly made me sit up and think. 

The video shows Connie as a mum and who she was before her beautiful children came into her life. 

You see her dancing and playing in the pool with Nathan; you see her walking down the street pushing a buggy; you see her interacting with other mums; enjoying a train ride with her son and hanging out with her friends. 

You see her holding, reading and loving her young son and holding her beautiful daughter, Ella, days before she passed away.

You see her living life – and these are the moments that we need to capture.

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