Photographer captures emotional birthing process, and it's incredible

It may have been Ania Pawleta's first time to take part in birth photography, yet she still managed to capture the most amazing images.

The black and white photos which were taken at St. Mary's Hospital in London, show Ania's best friend during her labour and delivery. 

The pair became friends when Ania moved from Poland to London two years ago, thus becoming a birth photographer as well as a confident. 

Ania reveals that the birth was long and emotional, however, she wouldn't have had it any other way. 

The photographer mum exclaimed: "It was an amazing experience! I can't even describe what I felt!"

"When the midwife said that she can see the head I was so excited! When I got back home I cried and had so much positive energy that I couldn't sleep."

Throughout the series, the mum-to-be is depicted during her labour, calm and cool, but then Ania captures the delivery process and the birth of a beautiful baby girl. 

The snaps of Baby Amelie entering the world are amazing, giving a true sense of the birth process. 

How amazing are these snaps? We feel Ania may have just found her true calling! 

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