Parents-to-be shocked by the number of babies doctor finds during routine ultrasound

Their reactions are brilliant.

When Jennifer Petersen and her husband went in for their routine ultrasound at seven weeks they had no idea what was just around the corner.

Excited to see their baby for the first time, they recorded the entire scan – and we are so glad they did. 

Telling the couple that she will take measurements after looking at the scan, the sonographer says that she can see three heart beats. 

And obviously the family are a little shocked at the thoughts of having three babies. 

Dad curses while Mum says that God blessed them with all these wonderful children. 

"You're going to be single, honey. I'm heading for the hills," the dad jokingly says. 

All the while the sonographer is still looking at Jennifer's stomach. 

And then she starts clearing her throat… before saying that there are actually four hearts. 

Clearly making light of the situation, Jennifer asks if she can give two to her sister, Crystal, who is trying for a baby with her girlfriend. 

Listening to them it is clear that the couple are extremely excited to become parents to these wonderful babies. 

Sadly, however, all four infants – two boys and two girls – were delivered at six months, and tragically passed away a few hours after birth. 

Since they shared their ultrasound four years ago, the couple have gone on to welcome baby Noah. 

What a wonderful video to cherish forever. 

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