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Parents share their toddler's weird bedtime routines- and we're LOLing

Ah bedtime, the constant struggle of trying to to get them to go to sleep despite hours of hugs, drinks of water finding their special blanket. 

But what about when they have slightly untraditional sleeping habits? 

Well luckily for us, Redditor Fishsocks recently shared their toddler's weird sleeping arrangement. 

Crazy toddler nighttime routines from r/Parenting

"Recently my son developed a 'night time orange thing'. He wants to bring his orange, in addition to his puppy, into bed. 

"He doesn't eat it, just holds it." 


Parents began to reply with the other weird things their toddlers do- and it's hilarious. 

For this toddler, bed time doesn't necessarily involve a bed.  



Of course, nighttime skin care routine is always super important… 

 Sometimes a kiss goodnight is not only for the toddler: 

When a cuddly toy just isn't enough…


Hydration is key. 

Okay that just sounds painful…

A snuggle for all seasons! 

We're in bits! What crazy night time routines does your toddler have? 

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