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Ouch! Youtuber completes longest barefoot Lego walk in history

Picture this: you're sneaking across the hall after putting the kids to bed. You breathe a sign of relief until…. you step on a Lego and feel the burning agony shoot up through your foot. 

Would you ever do that winningly? Hell to the no. 

Well five friends and Youtube stars Dude Perfect have done just that. The lunatics. 

In their series Overtime, the friends try to break as many Guinness World Records as possible and their latest feat is every parents worst nightmare-  a 48 metre barefoot Lego walk. 

Brave Tyler Toney volunteered- clearly with a high pain threshold. 

The previous record for a barefoot Lego walk was 28 meters. 

"This is going to be the worst five minutes of your life," he's advised before starting his trek.

Visibly winching in pain, Toney carefully steps his way along the Lego walk, cheered on my friends and watched by a Guinness World Records judge. 

We're cringing just looking at him! Check out the full clip here: 

That's a no from us, thank you very much! 

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