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Organising your accessories; Home Edit style

We've all been there; You're just rushing out the door (late, as usual), trying to pull on your heels with one hand, check your bag for everything you need with the other, you're pretty sure there's a rip in the seam of your tights or your skirts tucked into your knickers when you realise – 

You forgot to put on any damn jewellery.

Excited woman screaming and looking at camera

A quick leap back into your bedroom and you're tearing through boxes and bags of jewellery, half of it, you don't even wear anymore. You just need a necklace that will go, or else a trusty pair of earrings, but of course they're all down the bottom of the bag, tangled up in a million other chains, You've found one earring, but where's the other and is that a button in the middle of all this?


Female shopaholic with laptop shopping online in messy living room

We never learn. The exact same thing will happen when we are actually free to go out and about, all dressed up and ready to go. 

But Netflix's show 'The Home Edit' with chirpy super-organisers Clea and Stella, shamed me into getting it together last night. An hour of sleek, wonderful organisation, of labelled boxes and clearly laid out closets made me feel like the world's most disorganised slob. Life suddenly became so easy for Reese Witherspoon  after Clea and Stella swept into her life, with her new magically displayed (and seriously stunning) clothes, colour-coded and event-organised. 

So I've been doing a little clearing out of my own and decided that now was the perfect time to overhaul my accessories using the quick and simple life hacks straight from Clea and Stella themselves, the organisation goddesses.

OCD satisfaction guaranteed. 


Silver-colored Ring in Box

So something I wanted to do first was sort out my many (many) tangled up chains, bracelets, dangly earrings and random bits and bobs. (Found a 'Juicy' lip gloss amongst the chaos – yes, that's how long it's been). 

So after de-tangling it all and sorting things into piles, I went through everything to decide what to keep and throw away. This kind of activity is hard at the moment, because trends are repeating all the time now. Throwback is the new Little Black Dress, so you never know when you'll need something. However, there's no point in letting junk build up. A rule of thumb that I try to stick with is; If I haven't worn it in a year, will I wear it again? Obviously, this excludes this year – otherwise we'd end up with a wardrobe just full of lounge wear. 

So now that I'd finished my jewellery cleanse, it was time to consult the organisation gurus.

Clea and Stella say: 'Velvet-lined compartment trays in a drawer keep your items separated and protected. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your exact needs. Acrylic or plastic inserts will also work, but only for your less delicate items, such as costume jewellery…If you’re storing your jewellery on the countertop, you’ll want to take advantage of vertical space with stackable or hanging organisers. Lastly, no matter how you decide to store your jewellery, it helps to designate a small tray to keep track of the pieces you wear and remove on a daily basis. We recommend placing it on your bedside table, near the bathroom sink, or in your closet.'

These are some gorgeous jewellery organisers that we can't get enough of!

Anna Rectangular Tray Light Gold (€39.95)

Anna Rectangular Tray Light Gold

Bronx Storage Tray (€26.00)

Bronx Storage Tray

Stackers Classic Lidded Jewellery Box (€34.99)

Trigem Jewellery Stand Brass


Wicker bags and accessories on white bench

Next up was my shoes. I'm a shoe hoarder. I'll admit it, loud and proud. There are few things in life that are as satisfying as a great pair of heels that are a) exactly your style, b) comfortable and c) a pair that will really last. So when you come across great shoes, it's important to protect them. That means no more chucking them into the bottom of the wardrobe at the end of a night out. Your shoes need as much care and careful storage as your clothes do. 

Clea and Stella say: 'Optimise your closet shelves with stackable shoe boxes. You can double, or even quadruple the number of shoes you’re able to store *and* keep them protected from dust and damage at the same time.'

Here are some great ideas to store and protect your shoes!

Bronx Shoe Bench (€286.00)

Bronx Shoe Bench

4 Tier shoe rack (€13.95)

Bamboo Bailey Leaning Shoe Rack (€69.95)

Bamboo Bailey Leaning Shoe Rack



Brown Leather Crossbody Bag With White Framed Sunglasses

One of the more satisfying parts of a Home Edit show is when they organise the handbags and purses knocking around the place. I am a person with more bags than I know what to do with. I'm just that kind of person – I'll mind your phone on a night out because I'll always bring a bag. Need a pen or tissues? I have them in my clutch. I may not have any closet space, but you can bet I have a bag to match any outfit. 

But the downside of this bag abundance is that my closet, the back of my door, my drawers are overflowing. Bag within bag within bag is the only way to store them – I can literally feel Clea and Stella shuddering from afar. But they have a great solution to this kind of problem – a way to have them all on display, without the mess.

Clea and Stella say; 'They deserve to be protected and organised. We like to use acrylic dividers for small clutches, shelf dividers for medium-sized bags, and tote hangers for anything large or bulky. For bags that aren’t structured, a removable quilted insert helps it stand upright and maintain its shape.'

Here are some great bag storage solutions!

The Home Edit -Shelf Divider (€16.99)

Concrete Effect Hooks (€11.00)

Concrete Effect Hooks

The Home Edit Swivel Hook (€4.00)

Check out The Home Edit for more amazing organising inspiration and decorating tips and happy storage shopping!



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