'One-in-a-million' mum gives birth to son, followed by twins, followed by triplets

Teri Nobles has had the mother of all pregnancies. 

She had a ten-year-old son, Logan, and carried twins three years ago. Now she's topped herself again, by welcoming triplets. 

Doctors have called the birth sequence is a 'one-in-a-million' occurrence. 

Nobles' doctor said that while such groupings are not unheard of, the chances of conceiving twins combined the triplets is a long shot. 

“We were shocked and excited because of how rare this is,” they said. 

To make the odds even longer, all children were conceived naturally, and there is no history of multiples in either side of the family. 

The triples-Vincent, Santino and Andres- were born three weeks premature via C-section. While Nobles was admitted due to early contractions, medical staff stepped in when Santino- who shared a placenta with his identical twin, Andres- stopped growing in the womb.

All babies are now healthy, with two of them returned home. There, they already have a large family waiting for them. 

The triplet's father, Mario Aguirre, has two children from a previous relationship, Brooklyn and Mateo, as well as Logan and his brother Marcel. Marcel's identical twin brother, Victor, died not long after birth. 

Speaking to The Chicago TribuneNobles said that they have a "fun, big, loving family" who "work well as a team." 

The couple live close to their respective families who have both offered to help with the new arrivals. Luckily, they already have plenty of hand-me-downs and diapers. 

Dad Aguirre noted that while they have received great support from family friends, they don't know of anyone else with a similar situation to theirs. 

“There is no one I know with a similar situation,” he said. “I have had a lot of ‘good lucks’ and ‘holy cows.’”

They certainly are special new arrivals! 

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