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Nurse shares her no-nonsense advice on hygiene, and it's brilliant

Following a long and exhausting 12-hour shift, ER nurse Katherine Smith Lockler was left feeling frustrated. 

Katherine had witnessed too many people showing a blatant disregard for hygiene and, with the flu still doing the rounds, she decided to do something: passively aggressively tell people to "wash their stinkin' hands". 

Taking to Facebook, the mum, who has worked as a nurse for 18 years, explained that you can catch the flu through your eyes, nose or your mouth, and warned parents not to bring healthy children into the ER – particularly newborns. 

"Please don't bring your healthy children, especially your newborn babies, into the emergency room," she said.

"If you don't have what I call a true emergency, this would not be the time to come to the emergency room."

And for those people who are sick, Katherine gives advice on what they should do, like cover their sneeze and wash their hands. 

"Watch this, I'm going to teach you all a magic trick," she said before sneezing into her elbow.  

"It's amazing."

Katherine's entertaining but informative video has been viewed an incredible eight million times, with many people praising her for sharing it!

"Love it….so true!! Thank you for trying to educate the public," wrote one. 

Another said: "Good message. It amazes me how little common sense some have when it comes to basic hygiene. We live in the 21st century people, we know how this works!"

Take a look at the video below (and maybe even share it with your children 'cause we all know kids can learn a thing or two about basic hygiene, ammaright?!)

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