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Niall Breslin's to release second children's book 'Take Five' this October

Niall Breslin’s first children’s book, The Magic Moment, made waves in the book market when it was published in October 2018. Brought to life by Sheena Dempsey’s beautiful illustrations, children and parents around the country fell in love with Freddie, his Nana, and the Magic Moment Trick. Gill Books is delighted to announce that Freddie and Nana are back this October 2019, with another important life lesson for young children in Take Five.


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In Take Five, Freddie is excited to go to his best friend Ben’s birthday party. When Freddie sees all the presents Ben gets on the day, he feels a bit sad …

Nana teaches Freddie to ‘Take Five’ – to take five minutes and be thankful for everything he has. Together they count all the wonderful things in their lives. This gratitude trick is a helpful technique for dealing with the uncomfortable and often confusing feelings of jealousy that children inevitably encounter.


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Author Niall Breslin says: ‘The reaction to The Magic Moment from parents, teachers and, most importantly, the kids who have read it has been incredibly heart-warming for me. I am so excited to finally share with you all that Freddie and Nana are back this year with another little trick, focusing on gratitude. Practising gratitude from a positive perspective is a fantastic way to place more emphasis on the great things we do have, rather than what we don’t have. This wonderful technique is a practical way for kids and adults alike, to help remind us of all the wonderful things we already have, and which make us happy.’


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Sarah Liddy, Commissioning Editor at Gill Books, says: ‘We are delighted with the reaction to The Magic Moment last year, and in particular with its Irish Book Award nomination. We are thrilled that Freddie is back again this year with a gratitude technique we can all benefit from. Niall has created another gorgeous story that every parent and child can relate to. The feedback we got for The Magic Moment is that it genuinely helped to teach children how to deal with big emotions, and I think Niall has done it again with Take Five.’

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