New Year: Meet Ireland's first babies to be born in 2019

A brand new year means 2019 already has its first newborns.

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, in Drogheda, had the delight of possibly welcoming the first baby of 2019.

The baby girl who was named Maeve was born three seconds after midnight, weighing in at 3.28kg (7lbs, 4oz).

Maeve's proud parents are Michelle Montague and Simon Cox from Kilmessan, Co Meath.

Only a second later, the Coombe Maternity Hospital in Dublin delivered another baby girl.

Born at four seconds past the 12 o'clock mark was Amelia O'Brien. 

Amelia's parents Leanne Farrell and Alan O'Brien are from Clondalkin, and their new daughter has two big brothers, Alfie and Charlie. 

The newborn tipped the scales at 3.175kg (7lbs).

According to reports, a baby boy and a baby girl were delivered at Cork University Maternity Hospital, just minutes after the stroke of midnight.

In Wicklow, a baby girl made her arrival 27 seconds past midnight.

Additionally, Dublin's National Maternity Hospital welcomed their first babies of 2019 shortly after midnight.

Congratulations to all the families.  

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