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New website urges chemotherapy patients to rock their new look

eimear feature iamgeWhen 31-year-old Eimear Coghlan was diagnosed with  Grade 3 Stage 3A breast cancer in December 2014, she struggled with the idea of losing her hair through chemotherapy.

Hoping to find support and encouragement online, the young woman realised there was very little available to people in her position, admitting: “I couldn’t find any encouraging photos to help me with my leap into the unknown”

Upon finally making that ‘leap into the unknown’, Eimear was astonished to discover she felt utterly empowered by her new look and resolved to make sure that other women felt the same.

Opening up about the moment she was faced with her new appearance, Eimear said: “Once I shaved my head, I looked in the mirror and smiled. There was no fear to hold me back anymore. I felt powerful, I felt free. I feel like a futuristic warrior. Goodbye hair! Hello me!”

eimear c 3

By establishing her own website, which offers fantastic style and beauty advice for women experiencing hair loss,  Eimear hopes to celebrate the bravery of those undergoing chemotherapy and encourage women who are struggling to cope with their changing appearance.

Chatting about, the incredibly inspirational young woman said: “It is chemospiration for those fearing hair loss. My blog teaches chemotarians how to discover their edgy new style along with make up and accessory tips so that they can look even more fabulous bald.”

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Referring to bald heads as ‘one big edgy accessory’, the hugely courageous Eimear urges women to rock their new look, be proud of their changing appearance and be ahead of cancer with style!

Be sure to check out this incredibly encouraging blog and prepare to be inspired.

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