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New study reveals 64% of mums' miss work due to child illness

In a recent study, it was found that a staggering 64% of mothers in Ireland miss work due to everyday childhood illnesses, underlining the significant impact of common bugs and illnesses on both children and their parents. These findings highlight the need for effective solutions to combat absenteeism and support children's immune health.

The research, conducted nationwide, also revealed that nearly half of children in Ireland are absent from school for four or more days each year due to various health issues. To address this concern, Pro- Ven introduces the ground-breaking Fit for School probiotic supplement, designed to bolster childhood immunity and reduce school absenteeism by an impressive 30%.

Pro-Ven Fit for School is specifically formulated for children aged 4-16, offering a powerful blend of gut-friendly probiotics to maintain immune function and overall well-being. Each chewable tablet, with a delightful strawberry flavour, contains 12.5 billion Lab4 friendly bacteria alongside vitamin C. Notably, these tablets are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and are free from gluten and dairy.

Parents now have a valuable tool to empower their children's immune defences, providing protection against the common sniffles, sneezes, and bugs that often lead to school absences. Moreover, this solution also has a direct impact on parents' lives, as it helps reduce the time they need to take off work to care for their sick children. Pro-Ven Fit for School is readily available at pharmacies across Ireland, enabling families to access this immune-boosting support easily.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped work dynamics, allowing some parents to work remotely while attending to their sick children, prior to the pandemic, a significant 73% of parents reported missing work due to their children's illnesses. The burden of caring for sick children often falls on mothers, with 64% of them taking on this responsibility compared to 26% of fathers.

Dr. Nigel Plummer, founder of Pro-Ven Probiotics, emphasized, "Children's susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections is attributed to their developing immune systems. The classroom environment, especially in colder months, becomes a breeding ground for unwanted illnesses. Our studies demonstrate that probiotics can play a pivotal role in reducing the incidence and duration of coughs and colds in both adults and children."

The results of two comprehensive studies conducted by Pro-Ven underscore the efficacy and consistent effect of their probiotic supplement. Both studies, which were undertaken four years apart ran for a six-month period during autumn and winter, where children aged 3 to 10 who took the ProVen Fit For School probiotic chewable tablet each day the results below were remarkable:

Key findings from the studies include:

  • Reduction in duration of all symptoms of coughs and colds (cough, sore throat, runny/blocked nose, sneezing) by up to 50%
  • 30% reduction in the number of times over the six months that the children had symptoms of coughs and colds
  • Prolonged time to the first episode of cough and sore throat in the probiotic group.
  • 16-30% reduction in absenteeism from school in the probiotic group
  • 30% reduction in visits to the doctor
  • 27% – 40% lower antibiotic usage in the probiotics group compared to the placebo group.

For parents seeking a proactive approach to safeguarding their children's health and minimising school absenteeism, Pro-Ven Fit for School probiotic offers a scientifically backed solution. With this innovative supplement, families can ensure their children's well-being and pave the way for a healthier academic journey.

The Pro-Ven Fit for School range is available from pharmacies nationwide, including Allcare Pharmacy, Hickey's Pharmacy, Life Pharmacy, and McCauley Pharmacy.

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