Want to prevent weight gain during pregnancy? This podcast will help

It goes without saying that every mum-to-be wants to have as healthy a pregnancy as possible. She'll be extra conscious of how she feels on the inside and the changes her body will undertake on the outside as the pregnancy progresses and baby develops and grows.  

And obviously, yes, being pregnant means extra weight gain (you are carrying a tiny human inside you after all!) but there's the added baby bump weight that's good – and the weight that isn't.

We know there are health implications associated with being overweight while pregnant (for both you and baby) and to that end, Motivation's latest podcast, all about how to prevent weight gain during pregnancy, is a must-listen for all mums-to-be. 

Achieving a healthy pregnancy, no matter mama-to-be's weight or dress size is largely based on healthy habits, behaviours and attitudes as Aisling Connelly, Motivation Clinical Director and Jodie Wood, Consultant Nutritionist at Motivation explain. During the podcast, they provide solid advice on how to prevent weight gain during pregnancy so that the weight that you do gain is only baby weight.

You’ll also get helpful insights into the nutritional requirements that every mother needs to be conscious of when they are pregnant. "We do say to expectant mothers not to weigh herself or focus on the scales," Aisling continued. "By not focusing on the scales we are taking the emphasis away from weight, and focusing on the diet you need to help the baby grow."

They also talk about the importance of Body Mass Index or BMI is and go into detail about what your expectant weight is during pregnancy should be as well as the food to prioritise (and avoid) so that you can put an effective plan in place.

For more helpful tips and advice, you can listen to the podcast in full HERE

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