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Nearly half of parents admit they could walk kids to school but won't

Getting the kids ready and out the door for school is no easy task. It takes time, patience and a hell of a lot of lukewarm coffee.

Us mums have far too many tasks to tackle in the mornings- preparing lunches, braiding hair, searching for missing school shoes, packing sport kits and ensuring the kids brush their teeth properly. 

We all jump into the car and sing along to the Disney Classics CD that keeps both mum and the kids sane, even in rush hour traffic.

However, would it be better if we walked to school? A new study has found that nearly half of parents admit they could easily walk their children to school but opt to drive instead.

Parents explained the reasons why they prefer to drive the kids to school. One of the biggest reasons was because they need to go to work straight after dropping the kids off at school.

Another reason was because public transport wasn’t good enough. We all know just how irritating waiting for a bus or missing one when it is pouring rain outside.

One fifth explained that they don’t have enough time to walk to school in the morning, with a further one in 10 stressing that they are worried about pollution damaging their children’s health.

It would take the average family 20 minutes to walk to school, whereas most opt for a 13 minute drive with the children instead.

Does this mean our nation is too lazy to walk and to alter their morning schedules for a more eco-friendly commute?

Or is it easier for parents to drive the children to school?

Experts have encouraged parents to try walking to school more often, if it is possible for their family. Every family is different so we know walking may not be the easiest option for everyone.

Parents would feel more comfortable walking to school if it was safer for their family. One in 10 parents admitted that they’d love to scoot, cycle or walk to the children’s school but it just isn’t safe enough.

This study was carried out by British Lung Foundation in honour of World Car Free Day.

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