#MumTruths: NEW podcast episode to help mums manage their baby's Colic or Reflux 


When you're a mum, seeing your baby distressed and suffering from symptoms of Colic or Reflux is worrying. Both Colic and Reflux are separate conditions (though they can occur together) and they can come on suddenly – even if you have had a very placid baby prior to this.

The constant crying can start, seemingly out of nowhere.

Check out our latest #MumTruths podcast episode below to hear some expert medical advice from a top Paediatrician. And listen to two of our mums' real-life experiences of coping with colic and silent reflux in their babies.

So, what are Colic and Reflux?

Colic is a condition in which a baby constantly cries – despite seeming completely healthy. One in five babies can be affected and they tend to present symptoms in the late afternoon or evening. The crying, in this case, is different to 'normal' crying associated with being tired, wet or hungry – the baby will be very distressed. Simply put, very little will soothe them. It can start from as early as 2-3 weeks of life and generally tends to subside around the 3-month mark.

All babies spit up their feeds from time to time. If your baby is constantly bringing up their feeds they may have a condition known as Reflux. However, a highly distressed baby during and immediately after feeding may have silent reflux and this is harder to recognise and diagnose.

What can you do to help your baby if you think they may have one or both of these conditions?

In our latest #MumTruths podcast, Laura explores the issues of Colic and Reflux in babies with expert medical advice from Paediatric consultant with the Vhi Clinic, Dr. Sinead Murphy. She shares her advice and gives guidance on both conditions. Plus, we hear the real-life mum stories from two of our MummyPages mums, including mum Edel who explains that at just two weeks, her baby Sian started screaming and wouldn't stop. "Most nights she’d scream herself to sleep in our arms, and as soon as we put her down, she’d wake and start all over again. We were exhausted, devastated and broken," she says.

This is a must-listen for any new mum. 

For all those moments of joy, modern parenthood comes with more pressures than ever before. Talking about our personal journeys and sharing these #mumtruths is our way to help you find your path and our new podcast series aims to do just that.

Find our #mumtruths podcast on iTunes, Spotify or whatever podcast platform you already use. Alternatively listen to it here on MummyPages. Don’t forget to ‘Subscribe’ so that you are first to get notified when each new episode is available for your listening pleasure. 

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