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Mum's vacation worries are put to bed with sudden realisation, and we ALL need to listen

Mum-of-four Jess Wolfe, was having a hard time planning her summer holiday for her children.

Feeling under pressure to make sure her kids enjoyed the BEST vacation ever, she thought they would be disappointed. 

Moreover, she ended up wondering was it her expectations that had her panicking. 

It is the case with many mums at this time of year; will the kids enjoy their time away, even if it is just a trip to the zoo and not Disneyland, will that be enough for them?

Often though, it is us, the mums, who really have the high expectations and not our children, they're just happy with an adventure. 

Jess came to the same conclusion quite quickly when she was planning a trip for her family of six.

"This weekend was our 'family vacation', I was hesitant about even calling it a vacation because I didn’t want to get the kids’ hopes up. We chose totally simple things – a trip to a state park to hunt for cool rocks, a movie and the State Fair."

And guess what? The Wolfe family had an absolute blast, they enjoyed every second of their little trip, Mum was worrying for nothing. 

"I consider a week at the beach a vacation, and they are thrilled with parents who are present."

"I have to plan a fancy Christmas dinner and they would be happy with PB&Js on paper plates. I like the house completely clean before I can play a game with them and they just don’t see the mess."

The family holiday was a massive success, but not just because they enjoyed their vacation time, but because while they were in the midst of fun, Jess learned a very important life lesson. 

"This past weekend, smack dab in the middle of the Midwest, we had one of the best vacations our family has had yet."

"I think it's time I worry less about the details and more about the memories," added Mum.

We feel we should all take advice from Jess, it's all about making the BEST of the little things with our families, that's what makes the best memories. 

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