Mum's sadness as her daughter reveals: 'I thought only boys can be superheroes'

They were innocent words; they weren't intended to offend, insult or admonish. 

They were simply innocent words from a four-year-old: "I thought only boys can be superheroes."

The words had a profounding impact on her mum though, because Stacey Skrysak knows that her four-year-old is already a superhero. 

She's known this for some time, even if her tot, Peyton, can't see it. 

You see, when Peyton was born she spent a long time residing in the NICU before she was eventually allowed to go home with her parents, battling through the odds.

But now that Halloween is approaching, the tot established she wanted to be a superhero for the occasion, however, she was disappointed because she had thought only boys could be superheroes. 

"They were innocent words out of my daughter’s mouth, but they made me cringe."

"I was shocked. I knew there were women superheroes, but my daughter obviously did not. And at such a young age, it makes me worry. In our society, women are sometimes at a disadvantage."

"We are objectified, we often don’t make as much money as men, and sometimes, we aren’t taken as seriously as our male counterparts. Women face an uphill battle."

Stacey quickly informed her daughter that women too, can be superheroes, there was no doubt about that. 

"I don’t want my daughter growing up, wondering what she may be capable of. I don't want my daughter holding back because that's what society may tell her. I want her to reach for her dreams, even if it’s as simple as being a superhero for Halloween."

"Little does she know, she is our real-life superhero, complete with a cape and miracle powers. During our four month NICU stay, our surviving triplet was gifted a cape. Her entire life has been a challenge, but we have always shown her that she can do anything she puts her mind to."

"She may not be top of the class, or might not be the most athletic, but we vow to never hold her back from trying new things. The word 'can't' is not in our vocabulary."

It didn't take long for little Peyton to realise that she would be a superhero for Halloween – but not just any superhero, she was going to be her own hero. 

"She's a wise young girl ready to conquer the world," shared Stacey. 

It's important for us to let our kids know they can achieve anything in life they so wish if they at the very least try – and always let them know you are rooting for them. 

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